A Surcharge for Not Being Poisoned

It is one of the primary absurdities, and “soft cruelties” (our society abounds in soft cruelties) of modern life, that we have to pay extra to not have our food poisoned. Organic food, so called (it used to be simply…food), costs more. You have to pay extra to have food that was never sprayed with nerve toxins. Non-processed meat? That’ll be extra, please.

“Sir–would you like that poisoned nonpoisoned?”

“Uhhh…not poisoned.”

“That’ll be twentyeight per cent extra. Sign here.”

(We’re also paying extra to not encourage the poisoning of our environment. a lot of the reason I buy organic is because of the damage that pesticide and herbicides do to the environment; to the water; to animal habitats…)


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