Conservatives Chill the Champagne, Delighted More People Will Suffer

Conservatives are chilling the champagne, because it looks like SCOTUS will strike down Healthcare Reform entirely. That means a “lose” for Obama and a “win” for conservatives, and libertarians. It really doesn’t matter to opponents of health care reform if many millions of people will not have health care as a result; it really doesn’t matter if people will die because their pre-existing conditions are not covered. It doesn’t matter to them if elderly people will have to pay more for medication. That’s okay. It’s *totally worth it*. Because it will give Obama a “Lose”. It will *hurt* Obama. “And oh yes, let’s pretend we think health care reform was crushing our freedoms. We need to keep that facade up.”

But conservatives know what it’s really about. Pour the champagne boys. Another win for the corporations.

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