An ambiguous relationship with Nature

What an ambiguous relationship I have with nature. A few years ago I looked out the back window, saw a rosebush wriggling itself down into the ground. It was like something I once saw in a cartoon. The rosebush was going down, down…All 5 bushes vanished soon, & it turned out a certain vole was the villain, they chew these things up from below. I rejoiced when my cat killed a vole. “Ha!” I said.

Tonight I was walking my dogs, one of them darted away, snapped at a small animal–it was a little mole, washed by the rains out of his hole, looking for dry spot to dig. The dog had broken its back. It tried to crawl, pulling itself with its little armless hands, inch by inch…its back legs worthless now…in the rain…it was most pathetic. I let the dog put it out of its misery. I did not rejoice.

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