Poisoned Points of View

It’s really tragic how you cannot talk to some people; how they cannot talk to you. By you, I mean me, I mean anyone. Most Republicans think they know what liberals are about; they really, really don’t. I’ve heard them say, about liberals, “They’re into redistributing the wealth!” –which is a code phrase for Marxism. Nothing you can say will make them change that opinion. That wildly wrong opinion.

It seems to me I’m more open to understanding conservative ideas than they are to understanding progressive ones. But people are isolated by their presumptions, their need to create paint-by-numbers definitions of the world.

And the same goes for people in one’s life that one’s fallen out with–to get them to understand one’s point of view–it’d be like using a pen knife to cut through a stone wall. We’re all trapped by our subjectivity.

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