Once there was a consciousness, within a void

Once there was a consciousness, with in a void. It was like a stress, a crease, a skein upon the waves of the possibility of spacetime. It felt its singularness and this led to desire.

It reacted within itself, causing a chain reaction, which created a big bang and with it, time. It was unable to control the nature of the iteration of waves of possibility, and the its essential nature was recapitulated minutely within the atoms forming, within the energy packets, so that as life arose it was capable of experience, and suffering. In a distant way the consciousness communicated with these nodes of life, so that it was no longer alone; so that it could commune, and see its fullest possibilities.

But all was impregnated with suffering, as well as harmony, so it nudged the life nodes, to try to bring them into a configuration where they might exist, sans suffering…

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