The Magic and Loss that is Ebooks

We got a Kindle last year to get a clue about ebooks, and at times I find it magical–I wanted to re-read The Wind and the Willows, found it in one minute in their Kindle catalog, downloaded it (for free as it’s public domain) within 30 seconds.

The entire book was summoned like an elemental, some spirit from the air, as if it were flying around the house and I was able to summon it into this tablet. Zoop, it was there. It feels different than finding and downloading something on the internet. More mysterious. Whoosh, the Wizard of Oz appears in my hand.

I downloaded my novel EVERYTHING IS BROKEN to see its Kindle appearance. Whoosh, it was summoned from the ether and appeared in my hands.

The Kindle is readable; so is Nook. They work just fine. But the physical book, with its pages, its heft and smell, has a romance, a seduction, for those of us for whom libraries were the refuge of our childhood…

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