Is Occupy Oppressed–or Is it using a kind of Protest Judo, to Good Effect?

A friend of mine denounces Democrats because some Dem city administrations have been coming down, through police, on OCCUPY demonstrations. Actually it’s more complex. Bureaucratic Democrats don’t object to demonstrations– they object to CAMPING as demonstration. They also object to people smashing windows. (Not that it’s done a lot but it has happened.) And they like demonstrators to get permits. That’s just the way bureaucrats think: they’re about orderliness, and demonstrations, in their mind, have to fit into that. They’re also really worried about anything that seems to threaten local economic health. However, Occupy tactics sort of deliberately provoke the police (and understandably–it’s not necessarily a bad tactic).

The occupy concept is to redefine what belongs to the people and what to the corporations. And camping demonstrations can do that. So it’s kind of inevitable, this clash. But that doesn’t mean that the Dem/bureaucrats are down on what occupy believes, it means that there’s a set up for a clash. The Dems are pro System, qua system. They are not for the whole system as it stands.

It should be pointed out, too, that the Occupiers have benefited from police crackdowns, in some ways–the crackdowns in NYC brought an enormous amount of sympathetic media attention to the movement. And this was probably what the Occupy planners, on some level, had in mind.

There is no excuse for police brutality–but it’s too simplistic to claim that police crackdowns of Occupy camping constitutes suppression.


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