“Don’t you have a sense of timing about murdering innocent people?!”

HEADLINE today: *”Syria Reported to Kill 100 on Eve of Visit by Observers*–

“Listen, idiot, I thought I told you, don’t MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE when it’s right before the observers come–!”

“No, President Assad sir you didn’t, you said ‘Murder a whole bunch of innocent people to freak everybody out so they shut the hell up and go away’–”

“Well don’t you have the common sense to notice that observers are coming and hold off on murdering a whole bunch of innocent people a few more days UNTIL the observers are gone?”

“I did not want to risk going against your orders, sir, as you mightve then put me on the list of innocent people to be–”

“You’re not innocent you moron! I said MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE! What idiots you are–”


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