Running the Airport Gauntlet

Going through the airports I was subjected to the full body TSA scanner for the first time; also had to have a guy grope my thighs. It was fairly humiliating (and I assume the scanner is an increase in cancer risk). It beeped, the guy showed me an anomaly blinking–I’d forgotten to take off my belt, under my coat, with its big buckle. He sent me over to an unhappy, bored looking blank faced woman who ran some sort of chemical-sensing paper over my palms, looking for traces of explosives chemical. Nope. She looked miserable–clearly she’d never had a positive reading. Her life seemed meaningless.

It’s stressful, going through airport security and part of the stress is never complaining aloud about it, keeping your face neutral even when you’re annoyed for fear of being dragged aside for a grumpy remark or a facial expression…

We also observed the enormous number of people working in related security in the airports, just SO MANY of them, it seems that terrorism is responsible for a major part of our economy–terrorism seems to be an important employer. I pondered writing a story, which I won’t get to, in which terrorist attacks are staged in order to keep the economy going because security has become the top employer and security is the only real govt subsidy allowed any more. However I don’t want to encourage anyone’s 9 11 conspiracy fantasy.


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