Implications of Mississippi’s Zygotes are Babies Law

Mississippi says zygotes are babies. Maybe my suggestion that they be given cellphones, then, is premature–but photos of each zygote can be taken & they can be given picture ID & Soc Sec numbers. Also we need to develop tools to poke into the uterus through the cervix specific to burping zygotes, singing to them, patting them on the back and diapering them.

Another consideration re fertilized eggs (George Carlin had a whole routine about this) is that many of them are not implanted and are lost. If life begins with the fertilization of the ovum by a sperm, but the zygote thus created does not become a baby…then truly we’re abandoning millions of little babies to die every day. So, every woman who might conceivably (ha ha) have a zygote that is being shed must instantly see to it that it is removed from her uterus and put in a tiny little crib and nurtured, no matter how many zygotes there are…

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