Qaddafi Questions…What about his tons of pure gold? What about his elite guard of armed, “amazonian” ladies?

Okay, I’m convinced he’s dead. I saw some convincing photos and the transitional government in Libya confirms it. “The man with the golden gun” is dead and it wasn’t Bond that killed him, it was some unnamed freedom fighter. I just hope what comes next for the Libyan people is significantly better than the murderous lunatic who held them in thrall since 1969.

But I can’t help wondering–what happened to some tantalizing symbols of the Ghaddaffi (Khaddafi, Qaddafi, Kha-daffy Dhuck) legend? He was said to have countless tons of gold bricks, his own personal Fort Knox in Tripoli, hundreds of tons of gold, 6.4 BILLION dollars worth, which was security for money promised to the mercenaries who backed up his loyalists this summer. Did he smuggle it out of the country? Was it looted? Does the new government have it? Was it stolen by some revolutionary “general”? It was supposed to be a vast horde of treasure–looted from his own people.

What about his big troop of lady bodyguards? Some of his bodyguards were supposedly an “amazonian” brigade of women highly trained to kill–again like something from a Bond villain–who carried automatic weapons and were ready to fight to the death for him. Where are they? Were they killed in the 40 minute firefight that took place at the house he was hiding in, before he scrambled out and tried to hide in a culvert? Were they sent out of the country? Were they murdered by insurgents? Did they abandon him? I’m worried about them! Personally I hope they had the good sense to blow off the big dope when it looked like he was going down the tubes–I hope they split, en masse, perhaps back to the island of Lesbos. The missing bullion should be given back to the Libyan people–but I would have to feel a certain delight if it turned out that the armed ladies ran off with the gold.

Of course the more important questions have to do with the fate of the Libyan people. But I can’t help wondering, what of the gold–and the armed ladies?

Here’s a report on that gold, from May, reportedly worth billions of dollars:

And here’s a report, from August, on his armed ladies. You can see two of them, sans guns, in the photo. They are quite attractive, and seem formidable.

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