This Crazy Bastard Won’t Go Away

No I don’t mean me –and I don’t mean Glenn Beck, though he won’t quite go away either (recently Beck said the Occupy Wall Street protesters were going to drag financiers out of their offices and kill them) –I mean Harold “it’s definitely the end of the world this time” Camping, who’s camping in Alameda, a town not far from mine. After the 21st of October comes around, and departs without an apocalypse, he’ll have another excuse and another date. Doomsayers have been doing that for centuries. The end of the world was widely predicted just before 1000 AD.

Family Radio Network preacher Harold Camping, whose prediction for the end of the world on May 21 misfired, now says that his new date of Oct. 21 looks like the real thing — well, probably.

“A lot of things we didn’t have quite right will probably be finished out on Oct. 21,” the 90-year-old Camping says in a message on his Family Radio Network website. “That looks like it will be at this point, looks like it will be the final end of everything. (from USA Today)

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