This has been bothering me for years so I’m just going to SAY IT

Even though I haven’t done enough of the necessary research to really back it up…I want to say…

That while our foreign aid is in theory a good thing, in practice it’s in large part a waste of money, for the simple reason that so much of it is stolen. Of course it’s notorious that a billion dollars in CASH, intended to help the Iraqis, was stolen in Iraq during the incompetent Bush administration by unknown persons; of course we’re aware that vast amounts of aid sent to Afghanistan is flat out stolen, billions ripped off, right out of their federal bank and a dozen other ways, some of it even ending up in the hands of the Taliban.

Many countries in Africa are essentially “kleptocracies”, where oligarchies steal from the people–from the treasure, and from foreign aid–routinely. In many cases only a small part of our foreign aid money goes where it’s supposed to go.

We’d save money if we’d simply spend money on people to administer the pay outs, carefully. Governments who don’t want those administrators from outside their borders simply don’t get the aid.

There’s also this way: CASH ON DELIVERY. “At its core is a contract between funders and recipients that stipulates a fixed payment for each unit of confirmed progress toward an agreed-upon goal. Once the contract is struck, the funder takes a hands-off approach, allowing the recipient the freedom and responsibility to achieve the goal on its own. Payment is made only after progress toward the goal is independently verified by a third party.”

Read about it here:

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