NINE Basic Changes Needed – What the Wall Street Occupiers Could Demand

The press has sometimes complained that Wall Street Occupiers have no definite agenda. (They do have a consensus statement about what’s wrong, though, and I provide a link to that statement below.) Here’s a list of 9 possible demands they might want to debate.

1) Vigorously prosecute Wall Street criminals.

2) Reregulate Wall Street firms. Current regulations are minimal.

3) REQUIRE banks which received bailout money to triple the numbers and amounts of loans they make to small businesses.

4) DOUBLE taxes on millionaires–Mitt Romney made about $30 million last year and paid only 14%–and close all corporate tax loopholes. Tax Wall Street’s process of buying and selling with a value added tax for each transaction.

5) Congress should vote to overturn the decision by the Supreme Court giving full free speech and privacy to corporations in their use of media propaganda.

6) Call for public campaign financing so that politicians are not forced to be corrupt to be elected.

7) New laws and tax motivation to induce American industry to return outsourced jobs to America and to keep new jobs in America.

8 ) Enforce environmental laws.

9) Demand a bigger jobs program to restore American infrastructure and education.

And here you can see the context, the social dilemma that makes demands like these necessary, described in the Occupy Wall Street statement read on air by Keith Olbermann:

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