The redefinition of money? What the Hell is Shirley talking about?

I’m just going to wing this. More clarity later. But for now…

The time has come to rethink what money is. The time has come to ignore old definitions of what free market means, what capitalism is, what socialism is. the time has come to throw capitalism and socialism and “economics” as we understand it in the dust bin.

The time has come to recognize that money is merely a consensus agreement. “I agree with this group of people that I have a great deal of money. We agree that you don’t.We agree that I can eat. We agree that you can starve.”

The time will come when money is no longer treated as a meteorological phenomenon, some mysterious force of nature that people make predictions about. The time will not come when everyone has as much money as they would arbitrarily want. But the time will come when a computer is aware of every dollar (every unit of the global currency) in the world and shifts an always-available margin of money so that no extreme uncertainties manifest, no one is completely without resources or possibility. But the time will not come when laxity and laziness is rewarded.

The time has come to see money as a flow, as representative of an energy fluctuation, as an indicator rather than a fixed value.

The time has come to begin the redefinition of money.

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