Out of the Noise, the Music

The “Tea Party” makes a lot of noise; the Koch brothers do a lot of damage; right wing talk radio does a lot of brainwashing; psychopathic Wall Street traders and banksters ream the public–but, when I glance over the comments to an article about, well, anything that’s of any significance, it’s almost always divided between people who are cynical sneering hardliners, and people who, clearly, want to be of help in the world.

If you google for “hate crimes” you see plenty of them; if you google for organizations working against hatred, you see at least as many. For every Himmler, somewhere there’s a Schindler. For every Pol Pot there’s a Gandhi. For every lunatic extremist conservative there’s a reasonable, moderate conservative.

There are thousands of organizations that do outreach to the poor; there are hundreds of thousands of afterschool volunteers to poor children; there are millions of people giving to charity. For every “Koch brother” greedhead billionaire there’s…well, maybe it’s not as balanced as all that, amongst billionaires.But there are those billionaires out there who’ve taken a pledge to give half their money to charity.

Today I saw a grizzled grouchy looking leatherclad biker slow his Harley in an intersection just so he could kick a soccer ball to some children who’d let it roll into the street.

Every time I feel I’ve lost hope in humanity…I see the hope that is humanity.

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