Big Media Ignores Stories That Once Would Have Been Huge

“Tensions are rising at the Occupy Wall Street protest, currently in its eighth day, as organizers for the protest claim that 80 have been arrested. Eyewitness accounts report that ‘dozens’ have been arrested. Police would not confirm the exact number. Videos and eyewitness accounts show violent clashing between protesters and the police.”

Heard much about that? Not much, I reckon. National news has ignored the Wall Street protest, just as it ignored the thousands of people protesting weak Obama admin environmental decisions at the White House recently. In an earlier era, just 25 years ago, all this would’ve been covered by the press.

But Facebook changes its format–national news! All over CNN! All over radio news! Everyone reporting on it! Big stuff!

Romney and Perry, the Tea Party–every time they belch or blink it gets reportage.

Who controls the media controls the information flow; who controls the information flow shapes opinions; who shapes opinions shapes the nation.

It’s difficult to have much hope in this atmosphere. If people get frustrated enough, they’ll turn to domestic terrorism. And that will only further empower their oppressors.

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