It’s a simple thing, really.

The average person has been told, over and over again, that there is a connection between national debt (and/or the deficit), and their own low income. They’ve been told that the deficit is caused by big government (when in fact it’s caused mostly by wars and low tax revenue) and somehow, in some way, this national deficit or debt causes them, the individual tax payer, to be poorer, or to be unemployed. In their minds, the false connection has been made, over and over by the repetition of the BIG LIE. An effective central government somehow equals more unemployment, they’re told. What characterizes big government? They’re told it’s characterized by “high” taxes and “excessive” regulation of industry. They’re told this by industry puppets who, of course, don’t want the restraints of regulation or the responsibility of paying taxes.

Of course, no real connection exists. Historically, when taxes on the wealthy and on corporations are higher, so is hiring; so is prosperity. Taxes induce corporations to grow, to hire more people, for tax deductions, and it provides income to the government that it uses in infrastructure and other job-creating programs.

But, the lie is repeated over and over and over until today’s “low information voters” take it as fact. . .

And so they vote Republican–against their own best interests.

It’s just that simple.

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