Don’t Kid Yourself: The American Far Right Will Go Farther–much farther

My opinion is, that despite general discontent with Pres. Obama, he will be re-elected…unless.

The unless has nothing to do with historical patterns of re-election during recessionary times. I think he’ll have the economy on track enough it won’t be a big issue. But even if it is, when it comes to choosing Romney or Perry (Bachmann will never get the nomination) instead–most Americans just won’t. They’ll sigh and admit that Obama has shown himself to be good at lots of things and these obvious losers just won’t be able to deal with the kind of things Obama has gotten us through.

The far right, realizing it’s going to work out that way, will first try to steal votes, as they did in Florida in 2000 (and possibly in Ohio in 2004). If Perry gets the nomination the evangelical types will believe that suppressing votes and tampering with the vote count is justified in the defense of their tiny little notion of God.

If that doesn’t work, they’ll continue with the kind of hints and near-subliminal suggestions (“Take ‘em out!” says Bachmann) that will lead suggestible, borderline people to take violent action. Someone recently, on the radio, mentioned that when they took a trip to Texas people there were astonishingly willingly to talk frankly about assassinating the President of the United States. Common, ordinary people…

Since so many lies, spread by the Glenn Becks, by the Fox news hacks, have made Obama out to be a crazed anti-American socialist dictator, these gullible halfwits suppose that anything is acceptable “as long as its stops him”.

Look for more subliminal hints about assassination. There are millions of Jared Loughners out there just waiting to be triggered…

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