Don’t Let Your Children Read This Book! Could be Damaging.

My new book IN EXTREMIS: THE MOST EXTREME STORIES OF JOHN SHIRLEY is now on KINDLE. Also out for i-Pad, itunes etc…

Also out in its print edition. Here’s the BOOKLIST review:

Shirley has moved far from his cyberpunk origins, something that quickly becomes obvious as one moves through this collection of 22 stories. Some might label theses tales splatterpunk, a more recent genre associated with Shirley, but they’d be wrong. These stories, which cut into the human condition like a coroner on acid, defy pigeonholing. The net result is one of the most frightening books of fiction one may ever encounter. Most of the pieces concern characters releasing personal demons or trying to stuff them back into the darkness from whence they emerged. Nazis rub shoulders with abusive parents, psychopaths of all colors and flavors ply their trades, while phantasmagorical demons lurk in the wings. Continuing in the grand tradition of Dante, Shirley leads the reader on a tour of the levels of hell, but it’s an all-too-recognizable, modern hell. Horror fans up for something that will scare the living crap out of them need look no further.

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