May, 2020

May 20

a bit cut from my novel Stormland that I feel like preserving somewhere

Cory found himself thinking of Adam Sherner, closest he’d had to a friend at college. Adam had been obsessed with abandoned amusement park rides; the big, radically fast, hyper-steep, gut-wrenching rides from a generation before. Big amusement parks had mostly gone out of business in the era of extreme weather. Adam had used his vastly oversized allowance to hire abandoned rides. He’d paid workmen to tighten the bolts, get the thing, as he said, “up to speed”. Cory had tried one out with him, and relished the taut edginess—death became something you had to think about. It was close—Cory felt as if he could reach out and feel its icy face. The intensity of the experience had made Cory feel real, in a whole new way. But he hadn’t gone along on the next trip. Adam had gone with his girlfriend and they got through most of the ride. Then their car broke from the old track and crunched into a concrete wall…

May 20

Though there are no Absolutes…

Aware that there are no absolutes, the wise surf the waves of probability.

May 20


Misinformation about the coronavirus can KILL people. A guy at social media sites, who calls himself ‘wholistic’, falsely posts that coronavirus test is dangerous and that vaccines are dangerous etc. The New York Times reports that more than 88,600 Americans have DIED from the coronavirus.

What this guy posts is not “alternative” data; it’s not “a perspective”; it’s like shouting fire in a crowded theater when there’s no fire: it’s NOT justified by the 1st amendment. Anti-science lies about medicine can kill–especially now.

May 20

Feed the Queen!

Wondering why the cereal I was eating tasted weird, looked down, saw ant swimming in the milk. Just now. For real. Found ants had gotten into the cereal, an ant-line to the pantry shelf. Yes the cereal tasted of formic acid…Been dismayed by the “insect apocalypse”–a genuine issue, numbers of insects dropping, was worried by it, maybe shouldn’t have been…Anyway no bad effects from eating ants but I do feel I should bring some food back to the queen now. I must return to her. I…must…

May 20

The Path through the Internet Wilderness

The internet has a way of undermining legitimate, reputable news sources. It has a way of spread false stories and misinformation. We need a general protocol, an internet hygiene, to escape from that sticky morass.

The methodology is simple. We set aside our kneejerk populistic impulses and admit that some news sources are more legitimate than others. An example: the Washington Post is legitimate; it is a consistent winner of the Pulitzer prize, and is consistently reputable. Whereas Fox News does not win journalism prizes and has a very bad reputation in the journalism community.

We need to be selective in our choice of raw information and how we share it…

It’s like this. Scientific American, yes; anti-vax numbskull sites no. Pulitzer Prize winning news outlets and legit alternative sources (like The Nation or the Guardian) yes; flaky promulgators of rumors and conspiracy theories no. Medical journals yes; covid conspiracy theory flakes, no. Anti-bigotry websites yes; racist websites no. That’s the pattern, the path through the wilderness that is the internet: Consistently going to legit, reputable sources of data.

May 20

“OK to re-open businesses since mostly people of color & Democrats will die”

I was just listening to the Stephanie Miller show ( ) and she read a letter from a Trump follower who defended Trump’s encouragement of re-opening businesses despite the danger of spreading the virus saying, “Most of those who would die are black or brown and are Democrats”…

I just wanted to mention that somewhere.

Trump favors early re-opening so that the economy will pick up so that he will be re-elected. He does not care who dies, so long as he’s re-elected. He’s really into being re-elected not just for the usual reasons but also because if he’s no longer President he can be arrested for money laundering, among other things.

May 20

A Revolution in Money?

Wondering for some years–and more now than ever–if our current model of what money is will become obsolete. The US Govt plans to “borrow 3 trillion dollars” from April through June, eliciting: “how to pay it back?” and “are we clear on borrow from where”?

It has seemed to me that international development of a monetary AI system could offer revamp of how money is “created”. That is, an artificial intelligence would decide its flow as needed. Yes most would still need to be earned though I think a guaranteed minimal base income would be involved…The main idea is that we can redefine money as a flow both to be earned but also distributed by the putative system with an individualized and currently hard-to-imagine exactitude that would not have to bring about inflation–a devaluation of buying power–or lack of motivation. Someone has told me recently that trillions of dollars are being “hoarded” by a relatively few individuals. I said, one odd thing though is that this hoarding is mostly just digits in an efile or in some series of computers, computers that agree. Piles of agreed-on non-gold…That in turn suggests that money, being a consensus agreement, though theoretically stabilized by valuation to objects of value and units of effected labor, is far more flexible and socially manageable than we are admitting to ourselves.

Essentially I’m suggesting is that an optimally designed *global* AI system would issue payments in accordance with work done, purchases made, and so on, with a constant reference to projected possible negative effects. It would, in real-time, instantaneously make adjustments in money flow that mitigate or eliminate what would otherwise be  negative effects–recessions and ruinous inflation and so on–while carrying out all socially functional financial operations. It would be a universal bank, with no allegiance to any one nation or group. under which all legitimate banks would still be operable and incorporated. It would be backed up by another, insulated system in case of, say, solar flare damage of global electronics. This all assumes an enormous leap ahead in computing power, but I have no problem assuming that. It also assumes a global will to make it work. It would probably have to be modeled and tried on smaller scales first…

May 20

If It’s on the Internet

“I read it on the internet” old unfinished lyric

mom’s a zombie from ‘neath the Earth,
she’s been that way right from my birth

if you read it, it’s true I bet, if it’s on the internet

Microchipped obamacare, cameras in your underwear,
daily dispersion of chemtrails,
cameras in their fingernails

they will put us all in camps,
and put Karl Marx on postage stamps
they’ll take away my toddler’s guns
vaccines mind-control my son

if you read it, it’s true I bet, if it’s on the internet