April, 2020

Apr 20

We Just Got a Letter from Donald Trump

We just got a LETTER FROM DONALD TRUMP telling us in essence that he has seen to it we have a direct deposit of 2400 bucks in our account in this time of national et cetera. It’s got his bizarre signature (printed of course). It’s to make sure he gets credit for the extra dough. Part of his trying to buy the election by taking credit for assistance that was not his idea. Some people get physical checks–with his signature, of questionable legality, on the check. For the same reason. Some people actually believe that he reached into his own pocket for the money. He wants them to think that, of course. Remember when he said, “I love uneducated people!” out in Las Vegas, when he was running for office?

If the money was really from Trump himself, I would not take it. But it’s from the US Congress. Despite what it might say on your check.

The reverse side of the letter is the same message in Spanish also signed by him. As if he could read it.

Apr 20

Is Identity an Illusion?

Some people believe identity is an illusion. To me–in order to realize that identity is objectively real, you have to meet identity in person. Identity as a thing in itself. Any experience of it that seems illusory is not the actual identity. The actual identity has to be encountered. Most people go through their lives without actually meeting identity as a thing in itself. They haven’t seen it. If ever you met identity itself, you would not believe it’s an illusion.

There is identity–and then there is Identity.

Apr 20

Quarantine or Monkish Seclusion?

This sequestering we’re experiencing *can be*, writ small, something like the monkish seclusion some people seek on purpose. A chance for self-knowledge.  An opportunity. “In other living creatures, ignorance of self is nature; in man it is vice.” – Boethius…

There are people who go to Tibet and wall themselves in a cave for months to meditate, trying to see their reality, see their own mind, the mechanisms of the mental slavery we all live in….Self-knowledge is transformational. Not psychoanalysis or introversion, but actually seeing one’s own mind as it is.

“A man has many skins in himself, covering the depths of his heart. Man knows so many things; he does not know himself…” – Eckhart

Apr 20

It’s no accident they call it “viral media”

Bad ideas can be contagious…like a virus they hook into some vulnerable part of you and use what they find there to reproduce. If the bad idea creates a frisson in the person, a little thrill, a sense of importance, then they can become a Qanon bozo, a white nationalist, etc etc.

Apr 20

The New Civil War: A War against Civility

A friend of mine remarked that we’ve been for several years in a Civil War, but it’s fought without guns, the weapons are web-based fake-news sites, disinformation, internet falsehoods. Efforts to undermine traditional sources of reliable (usually) data, like quality newspapers, and universities. The internet is a wilderness where feral things roam. Now look at this:

Nearly 30% of Americans believe coronavirus was made in a lab, Pew poll shows

Apr 20

What’s Surprising

Considering the hungry microorganisms coating the world I’m surprised higher organisms survive at all. When I consider the “Beta” type design of a human being, it’s surprising we haven’t all died from cancer, et al. When I consider extinction events, it’s surprising humanity’s survived at all. When I see thousands of cars on freeways at high speeds, I’m surprised there are so few accidents. When I consider humanity as it behaves it’s amazing that we have a civilization of any kind at all.

Apr 20


The whole “coronavirus/covid-19 came from bat soup in China” thing was debunked, but scientists do think it originated with some kind of wild animal contamination.

We steamrolled over wild habitat, we reduced the world bird population by half, and even insects are radically reduced in their numbers due to our idiotic use of pesticides & our destruction of habitat. So of course we’re getting our karmic payback. Almost as if Gaia, some wilderness overmind, is angrily seeking to defend herself.