March, 2020

Mar 20

Trump buying votes: He has told people he wants his signature to appear on the direct payment checks

Here’s my question. As Trump wants his signature to appear on the subsidizing checks from the federal govt, will people be stupid enough to simply accept this transparent (and unprecedented) effort at vote buying through deception? The check would not normally be from the President, foks…It’s deception because the money is not from him and it was not his idea… Even if it were “from Trump”–is it legal to try to influence the election that way? And are Americans stupid enough, intellectually and morally, to let themselves be influenced, when the election comes, because his signature was on the relief checks? Here’s the link: Trump’s plan to have his name on each check was reported at the Wall Street Journal.

Mar 20


There’s an online publication called THE FREEZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION. When I write a piece that I decide is probably not going to get me money in the magazine or anthology marketplace, I give it to that zine, and they put it up. This new one is so political–it’s to the left, folks–that I knew the science-fiction mags that sometimes publish me, like Asimov’s, would not buy it. So I just gave it to the Freezine and here it is, if you like: PORRIS IN WUNPERLAND:

Mar 20

NOW! The “JOHN SHIRLEY ISSUE” of WEIRDBOOK! With complete novella, new stories, and poetry!

This special John Shirley issue of WEIRDBOOK –available at–presents a complete, original novel plus a selection of poems, short stories, and more by “one of the most acclaimed figures in the fantasy, horror, and science fiction fields”, as Weirdbook has it. Included are:


Swords of Atlantis, by John Shirley

Short Stories:

Anvil Rock, by John Shirley
Broken on the Wheel of Time, by John Shirley
Nodding Angel, by John Shirley
Calaphais and the Demon Malchance, by John Shirley
That Ambulance Again, by John Shirley


Secret Tree, by John Shirley
A Tourist in Hell, by John Shirley
The Egregious Error of Werner Witherbye, by John Shirley
You See Me as You See Me, by John Shirley
And I’ll Burn Like a Vampire in the Sun, by John Shirley