June, 2018

Jun 18

Is Stupidity a Choice?

While there’s greater or lesser inborn intellectual capacity, it is my belief that most stupidity is the result of mental laziness. Sometimes it’s deliberate laziness.

There is such a thing as selective intelligence. People unconsciously or even deliberately ignore data that doesn’t fit into their comfortable worldview. They “select it out”.

I just heard someone on Chris Hayes’ podcast say that Silicon Valley, awash with clever people, cultivates a deliberate mental blind spot: the idea that technology has no responsibility attached to it. Mental laziness and selective intelligence can have an agenda…

Is stupidity a choice?

Jun 18


I’m gonna start a website called “How do you Know it’s not True?” dot com, if someone hasn’t, and the first story I’ll have in it is about how the Australians have a secret program for cross breeding humans with kangaroos to make a human-kangaroo hybrid soldier. The hybrid leaping/shooting soldier will have a partner, a Mini-me sized midget in a kangaroo “pocket” with his own gun for additional firepower.

The Second Story will be about how the Earth is not round or flat–it’s shaped like an origami swan.

The Third Story will be about how archaeologists have found an ancient spaceship designed by the Romans in the third century, made out of terracotta and iron. A secret Roman spacecraft cult was planning to use it to escape to the moon which, they believed, was an endless orgiastic paradise populated by beautiful forever-feasting women.

The Fourth Story will claim that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians.

Jun 18

A Gothic Breath of Air

Last night I had a gothic experience. I went outside to get some air and was delighted to see bats flying around our big spruce tree. Micky and I love bats. They were whipping along overhead, really close.

MEANWHILE…there was a lightning storm to the south. Lightning flashed over there, and a bat was flying so close I saw the glow of the lightning flash on its wing. I was in an old horror film. The air outside was cool, damp, and I watched the lightning and the bats, and I could almost have danced.

Jun 18

Trump, Weeping Children, Sessions, Traumatized Families

People are saying the children ICE has taken from their families are separated from their parents because the parents are breaking the law. I am not hearing this so far: “Do you put a man’s children in jail because he robbed a bank? Do you take children from their family because the parents broke a law? They can claim the parents are breaking the rules and must be punished–but how can you punish their faultless children?”

Jun 18

Dead Time Travelers

My own opinion about “are there time travelers among us” is, a few came back to our time, but then discovered that going back in time isn’t good enough, you have to go back spatially to where the Earth was in space then. If you simply “go back in time” to five thousand years ago, the spot you’re time-traveling from in the future is far away in space from where the Earth was on the target day in the past. The future Earth has moved–and the solar system which moves in the Galaxy, and the Galaxy which also moves. So time travelers choke and die in empty space….I just picture all these time traveler corpses floating along in the pathway the Earth took in the past…