March, 2014

Mar 14

Are We Just Pinballs?

If a bullet is fired from a gun, all the factors sending it in a particular direction and affecting its journey add up to its trajectory and eventual impact–is that impact the bullet’s destiny? (Or, if you like, “destiny”).

If I am playing pinball and I fire off a little silvery ball with my spring driven striker, given where it was with respect to the hammer that strikes it, and the plane it’s on, the obstacles placed in its way, is its eventual final impact its destiny? Was the bouncing trip there its destiny playing out? I’ve seen myself in a pinball, before, my face looking back like something from Escher, staring from its polished surface right before I send it banging through the glass box. Do I have a gun, or a spring loaded striker sending me to my destiny, birth to death? Could there be another factor affecting my trajectory, my eventual destiny, that isn’t found in a pinball? If I’m paying enough attention to add some english to the ball, using some indefinable x factor to shift it slightly this way or that, can I change my destiny?…

But I do not suppose I really know where the pinball would go. Good players can guess and do pretty well (that The Who song now dutifully plays in my mind) but they don’t know, we don’t know, for certain…And yet if you were able to add up all the factors like the impact strength and angle, the unseen as well as the seen, the little crease we can’t see in the pinball plane, the truck passing vibration going through it, etc etc, with precision, you would narrow it and come up with a high probability of its “fate”.

Destiny is of course, in real life,probability, not some predetermined path–but a likelihood.

So going with likelihood–can I then put “english”, some conscious spin on my own propelled life, and alter its *probability*?

Some lives seem so *probably* headed in a certain direction it adds up to something that is, for us, reasonably indistinguishable from inevitability; a predestined course…Some will cite quantum theory, and chaos–but it’s only splitting hairs to say it’s not predictable in every respect. Predictable for us, or now, our probable life outcome is generally predetermined…unless, perhaps, we become conscious enough to redirect it, at key moments.

Mar 14

Phantoms of the OSCARS

I only saw part of the Academy Awards and lost interest, but I liked Ellen Degeneres’s comic hosting, especially her line about Liza Minnelli who was in the audience. ‘”I have to say that is one of the most amazing Liza Minnelli impersonators I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” she said, pointing out Minnelli sitting in the audience. “Good job, sir.”‘ Good drag queen joke. Not sure Liza got it, judging from her expression. But if you missed the show, it was a kind of combination of self-adulation, and self-loathing –the latter in the comedy, as if to make up for the narcissism. Here’s a translation of what most people besides Ellen Degeneres said, if they were introducing people or accepting: “I gratefully KISS YOUR ASS. I kiss YOUR ass, Warner Brothers, and I kiss YOUR ass, Paramount, and I kiss YOUR ass, producer, and I kiss YOUR ass, director, and I kiss YOUR ass everybody else.” So just imagine that over and over again and you have the show, except for that hideous backdrop during the “Happiness” song where they actually had a giant non-ironic happy face. Speaking of movies, during that bit I kept thinking, “The horror…the horror…”

Kim Novak is probable getting acidic tweets about her appearance on the Oscars. The poor thing–she’s 81, trying to look 18. Girl, that surgery and that botox is not working. You’re a poster child for “the older you get the less cosmetic surgery works” or possibly “the more cosmetic surgery you get, the less it works.” A little neck tuck, that I can see. But apart from that most of these people look worse with the surgery than if they just let themselves age. It’s as if they have no respect for old people, which is ironic. But also it’s about the fact that they can’t really see themselves as they are *even in a mirror*. They get this extreme and grotesque unworkable surgery and then they *see* something else in the mirror. They mentally edit it. So long as there are no wrinkles they can seemingly see what they want. It’s living satire. Poor kid. i felt bad for her. She was so good in Vertigo. Her cosmetic surgery is now nauseatingly vertiginous. One feels, looking at it, one is falling into another and terrible world, to paraphrase PG Wodehouse.

The last time I remember seeing cosmetic surgery that hideous was on the Academy Awards was when Liberace accepted a special Oscar…That surgery was hideous, looked very new…and he looked terrified. I felt for him too.

I am saying that women in Hollywood should NOT HAVE TO have that kind of surgery–they shouldn’t be bullied into that kind of delusional extreme self modification. I’m saying it does not work and it only opens the poor thing up to ridicule. I feel my post was entirely sympathetic. This is not an ordinary situation. This is not “her dress is awful” or “she’s overweight.” I don’t care about that. this is not about minor cosmetic surgery. This is about self disfiguring due to delusion.

Basically I felt the 2014 Academy Awards lived up to its standard dismalness.