November, 2012

Nov 12

“Duuuuude, like, Animals are DISSOLVING IN THE OCEAN and…stuff.”

“Oh yeah, you hear that the ocean is, like, all, acidifying and animals are, like, dissolving in it?”

“Animals are dissolving in the ocean?! Whoa. Gnarly. Huh. So…You going to come over and watch that ‘Two and a Half Men’ marathon tonight? It’s all-Charlie, dude.”

“Oh yeah, yeah. I’ll bring some pizza.”

“Pizza? You usually bring fish and chips from that place…”

“Oh it closed. No fish. They’re…dissolving.”

“Oh yeah. Uh–cheese and mushroom okay?”

“You got it.”

From an actual piece in NewScientist Magazine: “In a small patch of the Southern Ocean, the shells of sea snails are dissolving. The finding is the first evidence that marine life is already suffering as a result of man-made ocean acidification.

“This is actually happening now,” says Geraint Tarling of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, UK. He and colleagues captured free-swimming sea snails called pteropods from the Southern Ocean in early 2008 and found under an electron microscope that the outer layers of their hard shells bore signs of unusual corrosion.

As well as warming the planet, the carbon dioxide we emit is changing the chemistry of the ocean.

Nov 12

Hurray for Loafers (and I don’t mean shoes)

Tribes have roles within them, typically & like all tribes we have our warriors, we have our lawgivers & enforcers, we have tribal engineers who build things, & those who specialize in obtaining food, preparing food; we have the tribal artists (some of whom do for the tribe what dreams do for the brain)–but there’s an important role often overlooked…tribal loafers. They’re a good example by being a bad example. “You wanta end up like him, smelling bad and not even good at putting up a goddamn teepee?” Loafers also have a amusement value, and…they provide a steam valve of sorts for people who daydream about becoming one. “Just want to stop huntering and gathering and working at the bank and become like Sleepy Joe…”

Huzzah for bummy lazy slobs. We need them.

Nov 12

I’ve Heard It Said, Somewhere…

…yes…it really is true that one’s attention to the world (and that includes inner world) happens according to a beat; more beats per second, higher consciousness.. Attention on, attention off, back on again–we watch it like a movie, putting the frames of the film footage together…the more frames per second, as it were, the more is perceptible in depth and detail…The capability of handling higher frequencies, more beats of attention per second, seems regulated by how permeable to input one is and at the same time how resilient, how much being there is to resonate and what quality it has…

Nov 12

Secret Emails From Resigned CIA Director David Petraeus To His Mistress

– as imagined by John Shirley…

My darling winky dinky pretty puss-puss, how this new job weighs on me, everyone is “oh we have to be so secret”, even more than when I was a General, what are they worrying about? Is it that damn new particle beam destruction device we’re putting in orbit to take out Tehran? I mean christ who’s ever going to imagine THAT?! BTW did I leave my laptop in your bathroom?

…Oh My darling sweet bumps lovey-popo, can’t wait to meet you in the penthouse suite at the Watergate Hotel again, we’ll do it standing up against that big window the way you like, no one will be able to see who it is, unless of course they have long range spyscopes but, ha ha,


Nov 12

How the Universe Thinks?

Watching “How the Universe Works”–Kaku describing the coming destruction of our galaxy through collision with the Andromeda galaxy. In a mere 6 billion years. Part of the creative process, that destruction, such collisions being quite common. Mixing is part of many recipes. . .Dark matter, dark energy, which seem to be wrestling, competing, creating a synthesis that is the shape of all and everything, are inferred, guessed at by us, and we don’t know what it’s made of….They have a 3D model of much of the visible universe now, and if we include the stuff we infer, dark matter/energy, gravity webs, as well as clusters of galaxies and their linkages with other clusters, then the universe looks, from outside, if there is an outside, like an unthinkably giant sponge. One might also think of neurons arranged in a brain. Is dark matter/dark energy the stuff of mind? Is it God’s mind?