June, 2012

Jun 12

Money…is an agreement. Just an agreement.

What is money but an agreement? We agreed, originally, that this shiny golden metal represented units of value, represented labor, represented a medium for trade. Then we decided, mostly now, that it’s just figures on paper, in an electronically calibrated statement. Both ways, it’s just an agreement. You and I agree that this bank has this much money because it has this paper trail to say so.

And that *is* valid. Nor is it something we can simply discard. But it is…still…just an agreement.

What if we found other kinds of agreements to modify–not displace–what “money” exists, and where, and how?

Jun 12

Interview with, guess who…Me, on politics, cyberpunk, rock’n'roll, writing…

Bioshock…Predator…A Song Called Youth…Everything is Broken…All kinda stuff…It’s all at this link, right HERE:


Jun 12

I’m Sure they Didn’t really Say that…Probably…Maybe…

Imaginary (?) conversation: “Gentlemen, the representative from Mitt Romney is here–”

“Don’t call me that, please, who I’m representing is not important, so long as you know it’s someone who can and will help you. Now, as every CEO gathered at this meeting is aware, if the economy continues to improve, Obama will be elected. If he is, he’ll be freer to limit your ability to engage in gambling as banking, your freedom to pollute and so on–so it’s simple. Don’t hire, don’t expand, don’t invest until after November. Especially DO NOT HIRE.”

“But the economy will go down the tubes and we’ll lose money.”

“Only temporarily. After November we’ll game the playing field so that no matter how badly most of the country is, you’ll all be doing great. But we need to suppress hiring now.”

“Okay, Karl, if you say so–”

“No names, please…”