May, 2012

May 12

I’m now writing for THE RAW STORY – here’s my 2nd article

These short pieces will be at the CULTURE CLUTCH page. They’re social commentary, critique of media, and so on. My first piece is a light hearted discussion of “the old ultra violence” in big money movies. Here’s a link to the second one:

May 12

“When I was young, it was more important…”

When you’re young, your adversary (to simplify) is youth itself, your youth; when you’re old, your adversary is old age.

If you say, JS, you’re wrong about my youth, it was never my adversary, I would suggest you failed to recognize the enemy. It was, but you didn’t know it. If you’re older and you say JS, you’re wrong, old age is not my adversary, then I would suggest you’re in denial–but remember, I said it was your *adversary*…I didn’t say it was the victor.