March, 2012

Mar 12

Ich Bin Der Chrome Dinette

Sometimes on Frank Zappa album covers you see images of furniture floating in space; Cal Shenkel and/or Frank (who might’ve suggested it), probably didn’t mean it so much literally as a way of thinking of human artifacts abstractly, absurdly; but I often find myself picturing the debris from a destroyed Earth, far in the future, floating like a little asteroid belt in our orbit around the sun, with vast stretches of artifacts, furniture, trash, objets d’art (the Mona Lisa), kitsch objects, guns, dildos, PCs, wristwatches, product packages, plastic sacks, cars, and so on…

And I imagine aliens or humans who’d moved on to other planets coming by in spacecraft and collecting the stuff including books, a seared, illegible John Shirley book, a Dr Seuss book, a copy of Mein Kampf, a self published novel about cats by an old lady in Kansas…

Mar 12

The Internet is a Wilderness

The internet is a wilderness. A wilderness is a beautiful thing, and it offers resources to those who know it: water, game, berries, pathways. But those who don’t know it can get lost and perish or go mad. The internet is a dangerous place for ignorant people.

People who have no system for sorting probability from improbability, unable to recognize reputable sources of information from the porous, dishonest ones…they get lost in that wilderness. They think Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya; they think that the New World Order built the Denver airport; they think that we didn’t really land on the moon and “creation science” proves evolution is a myth.

It’s all on the internet.

Mar 12

Parrots on the Witness Stand

At dinner with friends I heard several stories about…PARROTS. My favorite was from my friend Hal who said his sister had a parrot that came from a trailer park, and it talked little, but it did imitate sounds of a police siren arriving, and fists hammering on doors.

Someone remembered having heard a parrot that imitated the distinct sounds of cocaine being chopped, scraped into lines, and snorted.

Someone else once lived with a parrot that said only the name “Anna!” at first gently and then working up into screaming frustration, “ANNA! ANNAAAAA!

It’s like nature set a watch on us to mockingly remind hubristic humanity of its frailties–the birds can recite the evidence of our worst natures. When that doesn’t work nature sends a tsunami…

Mar 12

Once there was a consciousness, within a void

Once there was a consciousness, with in a void. It was like a stress, a crease, a skein upon the waves of the possibility of spacetime. It felt its singularness and this led to desire.

It reacted within itself, causing a chain reaction, which created a big bang and with it, time. It was unable to control the nature of the iteration of waves of possibility, and the its essential nature was recapitulated minutely within the atoms forming, within the energy packets, so that as life arose it was capable of experience, and suffering. In a distant way the consciousness communicated with these nodes of life, so that it was no longer alone; so that it could commune, and see its fullest possibilities.

But all was impregnated with suffering, as well as harmony, so it nudged the life nodes, to try to bring them into a configuration where they might exist, sans suffering…

Mar 12


We’re still wild animals. I have a cat that plays “stalk & attack” with another cat. It enjoys pretending to be a wild animal stalking prey, but it’s just playing. When people play games, whether football or Monopoly, etc, it’s about moving past obstacles in the pursuit of something, must get this object from opposition, move it over here, thrill of the chase, hunting and gathering. Same with people hunting bargains, or hunting and “making a killing” on investments.

The enjoyment arises from exploitation of primeval neurological wiring. We’re still animals.

That’s ok. We’ll be using the same cerebral wiring as an advanced civilization exploring the galaxy..