November, 2011

Nov 11

Yes Earthquakes can be caused by Fracking–like Right Now in Oklahoma

‎”As reported last week, even a fracking company in England has now stated that fracking is the “probable” cause of recent earthquakes there. In September, we reported that the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission has banned fracking disposal wells for unconventional gas drilling wastes due to earthquakes…’After two of the four [disposal wells] stopped operating in March, there was a sharp decline in the number of earthquakes. In the 18 days before the shutdown, there were 85 quakes with a magnitude 2.5 or greater, but there were only 20 in the 18 days following the shutdown, according to the state Geological Survey.’”
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Nov 11

Omnibus of the A SONG CALLED YOUTH cyberpunk trilogy coming from Prime Books

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Nov 11

Scene from Wall Street Stock Exchange

Heard on Wall Street: “Ohhhh!” (in a squeaky little girl voice, patter of frantically running feet) “Ohhh! the Greeks are delaying the Euro debt deal! Squeeak! SELL! Sellllll! Eeeee! Sellll it all!” (Later:) “Harrumph! Regulations quashed, debt deal made! BUUUUUY! MOOO! BUYYYYY!” (Minutes later, a chorus of male voices sounding like scared little girls) “Ohhhh! A duck belched! SELLLL! SELL IT ALL! Eeeeek!”