April, 2011

Apr 11

The arrow of the human race, the point of the human race…

People worry about how long the human race will last, whether we’ll eradicate ourselves, or be destroyed by an asteroid. It’s theorized that most civilized races (or quasi civilized, as in our case) don’t survive the point where they lose control of their technology; where they fail to control weaponry, or fail to deal with self destructive environmental tendencies. We may survive, or we may not. But thinking that the point of existence, our justification as a species, is somewhere off in the future, might well be surrender to illusion; it might be captivation by a mirage.

It’s more likely that we exist so that *something* can experience what we experience, through us: our ancient ancestors hunting, mating, engaging in simple ecstatic dances; moments of triumph and despair; our art, our music, our moments of intimacy and companionship. The thing that created us so that it would not be alone…the thing that looks into its own eyes when we gaze into one another’s eyes…

It is satisfied, whatever we do. It’s simply here, through us, for the adventure; for the self discovery. It is the universe discovering itself from within.

Apr 11

I don’t agree with anarchists–and I think we need them

No I’m not patronizing anarchists, not being condescending. We need anarchists to lend perspective, to constantly question “archy”, to constantly push for more freedom and more freedom. At the same time we need the principle of democratic centralized order, probably, for the short term (a century or so) in a socialist-with-free-market-aspects format, in order to make it possible to take care of billions and billions of people, as well as the ecology, with some organization, some efficiency. It’s a dynamic; the organizational thrust and the anarchistic thrust, constantly working against one another to create something, an area of creativity, a kind of membrane of creativity between them, to prepare for the day that complete self rule, as opposed to a socialist republic, is possible

Hope arises from the opposition of two valid, beautiful, intelligent theorems, models of society – the socialist, say, and the anarchist, in opposition. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Anarchists constantly revitalize society. Someday their dream will emerge as a way to live.

Meanwhile, we’re all like resistance fighters, but using rhetoric and voting and demonstrations and unions and boycotts and the tools we have, to stem the hegemony, the oligarchs, the corporatists…

Apr 11

President Obama, Quarterback

I think Obama has come to realize how much being President is a game against adversaries; how it’s like being quarterback of a football team, moving the ball up the field a yard or 2 at a time–inching toward a touchdown. But mostly it’s all about the fact that there’s an *opposing team* trying to stop you, always. Always. And you have to play by the rules you were given.

Yes it has mostly always been that way but perhaps it’s that way now more sharply…And most people don’t seem to realize this.

They imagine he can carry the ball down the field unopposed.

Apr 11

atheist turns into believer, believer to atheist, I’ll stay a gnostic agnostic

Story I’ll probably never write: A debate class of doctoral students, two sophisticated post grads required to debate (as sometimes happens) for the side opposite they’d normally take. The one who’s an atheist required to debate from the side of a theist; the theist required to debate from the side of the atheist. During debate theist convinces HIMSELF to become atheist; atheist convinces HIMSELF to become a theist.

Me, I suspect I’m a gnostic agnostic.

Apr 11

Nanny state or JR HIGH SCHOOL state?

People claim progressives want to create a “nanny state”, but it’s not that, & it’s not even a kindergarten state –it’s kind of a Junior High School State, because that’s what the nation tends to be like, if unregulated: adolescents, who know some things but who’re still learning, who will do mindless stuff (like cheating people, or polluting), as any kid will, and while you give them lots of freedom they also need some rules.

Adolescents don’t think about longterm consequences much. Neither do corporate polluters. They’re arrested adolescents. So we need regulations till they cease to be grown up adolescents, with adolescent selfishness and overblown sense of entitlement. Someday humanity may be  mature enough for anarchism. Not yet.

Apr 11

tilting at pro sports windmills

I always wanted there to be a professional sports team – baseball, whatever – that got rid of its expensive players, advertised for raw talent who want to play baseball at a good rate (100K a year say), auditioned people from all over, found talented ones willing to do it cheap…and show you can field a good competitive team on a LOW budget. Just knock the whole greed-sports thing into a cocked ballcap. Talented players willing to work and train for 100K a year are out there. They’d take a five year contract to break into the sport.

This wouldn’t be “minor leagues”, or stadium football, the whole concept would be to field a low-budget team that could compete with the major teams.  The assumption people have is that the big money teams attract the best players–but it could be that the whole system is broken and many great players can’t get into the major teams…If you could prove that a low-budget (relatively) team could compete in the NFL, or in major league baseball, or pro basketball, you could undercut the repellent greed in pro sports; you could deflate the over emphasis on money. You would strike a real blow for the underdog…

Apr 11


Please note that a vote has been taken and it has been decided that most of the money will continue to be hoarded by 2% of the world’s population. This relates to your discontent with your bank account, so we thought you would find it reassuring to know that it hasn’t happened at random, it was the consequence of a vote. However, only 2% of the world, that same 2%, voted on this.