October, 2010

Oct 10

The disguised

I suppose some people are Born Assholes, just genetically or obstinately selfish, clueless, but I really think most irritating wince-inducing people one encounters, if you could watch a film of the highlights of their life, and their day, you’d be overwhelmed with sympathy, perhaps in tears with sorrow over what they’ve gone through, what they’ve lost, what they never found out, what was done to them…

Oct 10

If Climate Change Helped Big Oil

It’s a funny thing, climate change deniers would totally embrace the idea of human caused climate change if for some reason it meant that big oil would have *fewer* restrictions, that pollution laws would be curbed, that corporations would not be “inconvenienced” by regulation. If that were the case they’d be saying, “…Human caused climate change is real! Stop denying it!”